The previous version of this website was built using free software on a Linux-based operating system and sustained itself, W3C compliant to XHTML 1.0-transitional since 2006. Take a look at the original site... and the site after that: second.  The second version was built on the GetSimple CMS.

A vastly improving generation of web technology and social networks reaching a qualified summit of solid functionality in 2011/12 has lead to new developments and a site overhaul. This rendition of the website is built using freely available software as well as a web framework called WordPress.

This site's developer is actively working on additional user and content features, including:  File-sharing and integration with social networking platforms.

Some of the old content has not yet been transferred over to the new site.  The second site has nearly all equipment and MOSs available in the ordnance field.  Please look there if the information has not been transferred yet!

unofficial home of ground ordnance maintenance