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E13787K M88A2 Hercules

The M88A2 HERCULES is the heavy recovery vehicle of the 21st century.  The first variant of M88 was created in 1961 and in 2008 BAE took the reigns in the manufacturing of 4 new M88A2s for the Marine Corps.  Touting 1050hp and a 70-ton pull capacity at the main winch, this is the first 70-ton combat recovery vehicle to see action in the 21st century.


The LRTI is a stand-alone, portable binocular, hand-held, battery-operated style instrument used to observe/orient, detect and identify targets, conduct surveillance and assist in engaging targets during all lighting conditions. It can be used under conditions of limited visibility and battlefield obscurants such as smoke, fog, and sandstorms. This binocular will provide vision for long-range observation and reconnaissance. The LRTI shall be able to detect man-sized targets at a range of 3,500 meters. This binocular thermal imager will replace the SOPHIE thermal system.