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The Fluke 189M/AN Digital Handheld Multimeter (DMM) is a handheld multimeter capable of doing the following:

• 50,000 counts display
• 0.025% basic DC accuracy
• True RMS AC + DC measurements
• 100 kHz AC bandwidth for voltage and current
• Dual display with bargraph and two-level backlight
• Min/max/average with real time clock and 250 μs Fast Min-Max
• Frequency, capacitance, duty cycle & pulse width measurements
• Resistance, conductance, continuity and diode measurements
• Temperature and dBV/dBm with selectable reference
• PC interface for data exchange and closed case calibration
• Battery and fuse access without breaking calibration seal
• Internal memory allows stand-alone logging of up to 1000 measurements
• Readings memory for up to 100 readings


A compact, lightweight, combat flashlight that projects a wide-angle beam with a concentrated central beam of white light for searching, acquisition, identification, and momentary dazzling of targets in any low-light environment.

The VLI can be used in either the hand-held or weapon-mounted mode. The VLI mounts to the M16A2/A4 service rifle, M4A1 Close Quarters Battle Weapon, and the M1014 shotgun via an integral MIL-STD-1913 rail attachment bracket.

The VLI has been replaced by the VLIR, otherwise known as the Surefire.


The LRTI is a stand-alone, portable binocular, hand-held, battery-operated style instrument used to observe/orient, detect and identify targets, conduct surveillance and assist in engaging targets during all lighting conditions. It can be used under conditions of limited visibility and battlefield obscurants such as smoke, fog, and sandstorms. This binocular will provide vision for long-range observation and reconnaissance. The LRTI shall be able to detect man-sized targets at a range of 3,500 meters. This binocular thermal imager will replace the SOPHIE thermal system.

E19767G AN/PAS-13D(V)2 Medium Weapon Thermal Sight (MWTS) and (V)3 Heavy Weapon Thermal Sight (HWTS)

The Thermal Weapon Sight is a selfcontained lightweight, compact, durable, battery-operated, infrared imaging sensor used for target acquisition. It can be used under conditions of limited visibility such as darkness, smoke, fog, dust and haze, and is effective during daylight hours. The MWTS and HWTS have the same design but the difference lies in the telescope and the software. The system comes with a MIL-STD-1913 rail grabber interface, including a vertical spacer. The MWTS can effectively engage targets out to 1,100 meters while the HWTS can effectively engage targets out to 2,200 meters. The U.S. Marine Corps is procuring both the Medium Weapon Thermal Sight (AN/PAS-13D (V)2) and the Heavy Weapon Thermal Sight (AN/PAS-13D (V)3).

The AN/PAS-13D (V) 2 can be mounted on the M240B Machine Gun and the M249 series. The AN/PAS-13D (V) 3 can be mounted on the M16A1/A2 Rifle, M4 series, M2 Machine Gun, and the MK19 Machine Gun.

These items are replacing the AN/PAS-13B (V) 2 Medium Weapon Thermal Sight (MWTS) and (V) 3 Heavy Weapon Thermal Sight (HWTS).