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Common Laser Rangefinder (CLRF) is the single program of record to fulfill existing and future Marine Corps requirements for targeting Laser Rangefinders. It is a lightweight, eye-safe laser rangefinder capable of being carried and employed by a single Marine. The principle functions of the CLRF is to assist the operator in determining a target location by measuring distance, direction, and vertical angle from the operator to the object. The CLRF assists the operator with target detection, recognition, and identification by providing optics similar in magnification and field of view to the M-22 binoculars. The CLRF interfaces with PLGR, DAGR, Target Handoff System, D-DACT and the AN/PVS-14 for night operations.

The CLRF is a replacement for the AN/GVS-5, a Class 4 Non-Eye Save Laser Infrared Observation Set and Precision Targeting System, PTS-180, (VIPER II) which are fielded to infantry companies, artillery batteries, Tactical Air control Parties, Air and Naval Gunfire Liaison Companies, and division and Force Reconnaissance. The PTS-180 can be upgraded by the vendor and has been fielded to the Marine Corps as a Vector 21-B.