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The MULE is a man-portable tripod-mounted or shoulder-fired unit which incorporates a laser range-finder/target designator which works with all laser-guided weapons now under development. It is used to locate targets and to guide laser-guided projectiles to their targets. It can track moving targets and combine range, azimuth, and elevation into a digital message to be sent to the tactical fire control center. The major components are the Laser Designator/Rangefinder Module and the Stabilized Tracking Tripod Module. A supporting item of equipment is the North Finding Module.

The system is capable of operating on 24 volt DC rechargeable batteries, or from 24 volt DC vehicle power using an external power adapter. It can effectively range a moving target to 3,000 meters, and a stationary target to 5,000 meters.


The Special Operations Forces Laser Marker (SOFLAM)System, consists of an AN/PEQ-1A Laser Marker System (LMS), AN/PVS-13 Night Vision Sight, Instro Precision Limited (IPL) Tripod, Battery Harness System (BHS), and Shipping Container System (SCS). The AN/PEQ-1A provides both rangefinder function capable of measuring range from 200 meters to 9,995 meters, and a target marking function capable of operating at all tri-service Band I and Band II Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) codes. AN/PVS-13 Night Vision Sight is a passive sight with an Image Intensifier Assemble sensitive to the output of 1.064nm of the LMS and is equipped with a weaver type mount for use during day or night operations. The IPL tripod is a lightweight, viscous-damped head tripod that will allow for stable laser spot tracking for the system. The SOFLAM System is a compact, lightweight, portable laser target designator and rangefinder. It will provide Reconnaissance Marines day/night capability to locate and designate high priority targets for delivery of precision guided munitions by artillery and deep strike aircraft.