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The Fluke 77 satisfies the operational requirement to measure DC voltages in the range of 5mV to 1KV, with an accuracy of +/- (0.5% of reading + 1 count) with an input resistance of 10 megohms minimum; AC voltages in the range of 100mV to 750V with an accuracy of +/- (2% of reading + 5 counts), a frequency range from 45Hz to 1KHz (up to 320 volts) and 45Hz to 500Hz (up to 750 volts). the Multimeter is average responding and RMS indicating. It measures DC current in the range of 10mA to 10A with an accuracy of +/- (2% of reading + 3 counts); AC current in the range of 10mA to 10A with n accuracy of +/- (3% of reading + 2 counts) in a frequency range of 45Hz to 1KHz; resistance in the range of 0.1 ohms to 32 megohms with an ccuracy of +/- (2% of reading + 1 count). Overload protection is incorporated.


The Fluke 189M/AN Digital Handheld Multimeter (DMM) is a handheld multimeter capable of doing the following:

• 50,000 counts display
• 0.025% basic DC accuracy
• True RMS AC + DC measurements
• 100 kHz AC bandwidth for voltage and current
• Dual display with bargraph and two-level backlight
• Min/max/average with real time clock and 250 μs Fast Min-Max
• Frequency, capacitance, duty cycle & pulse width measurements
• Resistance, conductance, continuity and diode measurements
• Temperature and dBV/dBm with selectable reference
• PC interface for data exchange and closed case calibration
• Battery and fuse access without breaking calibration seal
• Internal memory allows stand-alone logging of up to 1000 measurements
• Readings memory for up to 100 readings