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E0017 Trijicon Rifle Combat Optic (RCO) AN/PVQ-31B (M4)

The RCO is a fixed 4x optical aiming sight designed for use with the service rifle configured with the MILSTD-1913 Rail Adapter System. It attaches to the rail to provide the user a targeting tool to engage distant daylight and near low-lit targets with increased identification certainty. The reticles of the two RCO scopes appear identical. However, each reticle is specific to the ballistics of the weapon and is marked with identification (A4 or M4) at the bottom center of the reticle display.

E0016 – Scout Sniper Observation Telescope (SSOT)

The SSOT is a lightweight, variable power, tripod mounted telescope that will replace the out-dated M49 Sniper 20x power fixed telescope.

The SSOT is used for detecting, recognizing, observing, identifying, and ranging targets during daylight with increased identification certainty. The SSOT interfaces with the SONOD. The intent of the SSOT is to provide the Marine Scout Sniper Team with enhanced ability to clearly, easily, and quickly engage targets out to the maximum effective range of the individual weapons, during the day and when used in conjunction with the SONOD in night and low light conditions.