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E13787K M88A2 Hercules

The M88A2 HERCULES is the heavy recovery vehicle of the 21st century.  The first variant of M88 was created in 1961 and in 2008 BAE took the reigns in the manufacturing of 4 new M88A2s for the Marine Corps.  Touting 1050hp and a 70-ton pull capacity at the main winch, this is the first 70-ton combat recovery vehicle to see action in the 21st century.

E18887M M1A1 Main Battle Tank

The Firepower Enhancements Program (FEP) system is a suite of upgrades for the M1A1 Tank. It will include, at a minimum, a second-generation thermal sight, a far target location (FTL) capability, an eyesafe laser rangefinder, and a thermal sight for the Commanders' Weapon Station (CWS). The second-generation thermal sight consists of upgrades to the M1A1 infrared optics, an infrared focal plane array, associated analog and digital electronics, display, brackets, and cables. The FTL system consists of a North Finding Module (NFM), bracket, cables, and inputs from the existing laser rangefinder and Precision Lightweight Global Positioning System Receiver (PLGR). The FTL system is a new capability for the USMC M1A1 tank, and will provide the tank crew with accurate target location (<50 meter CEP out to 8000 meters) within two seconds after lasing the target. The FTL solution is determined by utilizing the inputs of the laser rangefinder, PLGR, and NFM. The eyesafe laser rangefinder will replace the current non-eyesafe laser rangefinder. The thermal sight for the CWS will allow the Tank Commander to fire the CWS in all weather, day and night, under battlefield conditions.