A7060 – Oscilloscope – 54825N

The 54825N Oscilloscope combines a simple analog-like front panel, graphical user interface, and a built-in information system to make high-performance measurements, with 4 channels, 2GSa/s sample rate, and 500 MHz bandwidth. Graphical interface allows direct interaction with waveforms including a drag and drop feature that allows the user to measure waveforms using simple mouse driven operations.

The Oscilloscope, model number 54825N, is a general purpose oscilloscope designed to assist technicians with testing, monitoring, troubleshooting, and repairing electronic equipment. It provides significant increases in capabilities over existing oscilloscopes including advanced triggering, extra- large display, waveform math functions, display annotations, fully programmable, and includes both an internal hard drive and a floppy drive that can be used to store waveform data, screen images, or scope setups.

This scope replaces the A7037 Model 2430A, A7060 Model Number 2430A and the A7060 Model 2465B OPT 46

** There is a newer model.