The CASP/2000H(M) is a state of the art test instrument capable of performing all the functions needed by a typical battery user. It contains a microcomputer control system which will automatically process up to six batteries of most any type, and a programmable power supply based on the latest switch-mode technology. The compact front panel allows the user to easily initiate battery processing, monitor and evaluate ongoing functions, or to quickly set up for processing new batteries.

The CASP/2000H(M) performs the following functions:

  • Charge any rechargeable battery type.
  • Charge Nickel-Cadium batteries using the reFLEX charge mode.
  • Charge all batteries using an optimized charge mode.
  • Slow or “trickle” charge batteries.
  • Analyze batteries for discharge capacity.
  • Analyze batteries for charge capacity.
  • Recondition nickel cadium-batteries, eliminate memory.
  • Discharge nickel-cadium batteries for storage and shipment.
  • Provide power supply capability.

The only applicable use in the Marine Corps is to charge TOW Batteries... otherwise obsolete.