C00247B Venom Non-Lethal Munitions and Launcher

The Venom is a 40 mm, multi-shot, electrically actuated, non-lethal munitions grenade launcher mounted to the High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) turret blast shield. The Venom system consists of 3 banks of 10 launch tubes, each at fixed angles of 10° , 20° , and 30° from the horizontal, achieving 360° coverage by traversing the HMMWV turret. The Non-Lethal/Tube Launched Munitions System fires a multi-flash-bang grenade out to ranges beyond 100m. The system is comprised of three subsystems: launcher, firing circuit, and ammunition. Venom will provide Marine Forces the ability to deliver a high volume of non-lethal fire at range, both day and night, enhancing convoy security operations. Venom will enable Marines to deter and dissuade errant vehicle operators from encroaching into security zones by helping to determine intent and increasing standoff distance and reaction time in responding to threats.