E0012 Medium Range Thermal Binocular (MRTB)


The MRTB is a stand-alone, portable binocular, hand-held, battery-operated style instrument used to observe/orient, detect and identify targets, conduct surveillance and assist in engaging targets during all lighting conditions. It can be used under conditions of limited visibility and battlefield obscurants such as smoke, fog, and sandstorms. This binocular will provide vision and range finding capabilities for tactical-range observation and machine gun fire direction and control. The MRTB operates to detect man-sized targets (upright, moving tactically) at a range of 1,800 meters in clear air and 550 meters though obscurants.

Field of View: Multiple
Magnification: Approx 4x
Power Rqmts: 8-AA Batteries
Weight: 6 lbs w/ batteries