E0053 – (GBD IIIC) Non-Lethal Visual Hailing Device

The GBD-IIIC (now LA9/P with mandatory SCM installed) is an equipment mounted non-lethal visual disruption system. The LA9/P system does not make people defacate themselves or any other urban USMC legends you may have heard. The laser is, however NOT eyesafe thus the requirement for the SCM installation. The second image demonstrates the GBD-IIIc without the SCM (this configuration is NOT authorized). Several safety mechanisms are provided to prevent accidental exposure.The featured image demonstrates the authorized configuration utilizing the Safety Control Module (SCM).

It is a Class IIIb (ANSI class 3b) laser that emits a concentrated beam of visible green light at 532 ± 10 nm at a maximum of 250 mW (140 mW typical). This laser device performs two functions; to provide a decisive hail and warning signal in excess of 1 km. and to visually disrupt the critical task of a targeted subject. This laser device is weapon mountable and can be zeroed to the weapon with an optional ELCAN mount.

The GBD III should be used in weapon mounted mode. The GBD III mounts to the M16A2/A4 service rifle, M4A1 Close Quarter Battle Weapon, and the M1014 shotgun via an integral MIL-STD-1913 rail attachment bracket.