E0058 – AN/PEQ-16A Mini – Integrated Pointer/Illuminator Module (MIPIM)

Characteristics/Description: This Class 3b laser device, the MIPIM, provides a highly collimated beam of infrared energy for weapon aiming and an adjustable focus infrared beam for target illumination. The MIPIM is designed to withstand the shock of heavy weapons. The White Light Illuminator provides target identification/illumination without night vision devices, and is greater than 60 lumens in the high power mode. The IPIM has low profile aiming and illumination boresight adjusters. This device can be used as a handheld illuminator/pointer or can be mounted to weapons with a MIL-STD-1913 Rail. This item replaces the AN/PEQ-16 (IPIM).

Weapon Platforms: The MIPIM has an Integral Rail Grabber Bracket that mounts to various weapons, including M16A4, M4/M4A1, M240B, M249, and M240G. The MIPIM has an M240/M249 Adapter Bracket.