E0210 – M2 Compass

The M2 compass, is a multiple purpose instrument applicable to obtaining clinometer, angle of site, and azimuth readings. The body of the compass is dust proof and moisture proof, and is made of nonmagnetic material except for the magnetic needle and its pivot. When the cover is closed, the magnetic needle is automatic ally lifted from its pivot to protect the pivot point and jewel bearing. The jewel bearing is agate. The compass is provided with an angle of site scale and an azimuth scale. The azimuth scale may be rotated approximately 1, 800 roils. The compass is equipped with circular and tubular levels. In place of a telescope, the compass employs front and rear leaf sights in conjunction with a mirror in the cover for sighting and reading the angles. The instrument has an azimuth scale adjuster for orienting the azimuth scale to the local magnetic declination, so that grid or Y azimuths may be read direct.