Description: The telescope test fixture consists of a machined base mounting, a projector collimator, and two telescope supports. The projector collimator is fixed on one end of the base, and one telescope support is fixed on the opposite end of the base. A moveable telescope support is mounted on a machined track which can be adjusted to accommodate different instruments. Various adapters are used with the fixture to accommodate straight tube and elbow telescopes. Setup gage blocks and locating blocks are also provided to properly position the particular telescope to be tested. The adapters, setup gage blocks, and locating blocks are all marked with a lettering system, and a chart is furnished to give the proper combination of accessories to be used with the specific telescopes.

Use: The telescope test fixture is used for the adjustment and inspection of elbow and straight tube telescopes. This test fixture can also be used to roll test certain instruments such as the Nike Radar Telescope or the Collimating Telescope. This is accomplished by superimposing the telescope reticle on the reticle of the projector collimator. The telescope is then rotated 180 degrees and it should be noted how far the reticle in the telescope has moved up or down from its original position.