E0980 – M2(A1) .50cal Machine Gun HB

Builder: Saco Defense
Length: 61.42 inches (156 centimeters)
Bore diameter: .50 inches (12.7mm)

  • Gun: 84 pounds (38 kilograms)
  • M3 Tripod (Complete): 44 pounds (19.98 kilograms)
  • Total: 128 pounds (58 kilograms)

Maximum effective range: 2000 meters with tripod mount
Maximum range: 4.22 miles (6.8 kilometers)

Cyclic rate of fire: 550 rounds per minute
Unit Replacement Cost: $14,002
Features: The Browning M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun, Heavy Barrel is an automatic, recoil operated, air-cooled machine gun with adjustable head-space and is crew transportable with limited amounts of ammunition over short distances. By re-positioning some of the component parts, ammunition may be fed from either the left or right side. A disintegrating metallic link-belt is used to feed the ammunition into the weapon.
This gun is has a back plate with spade grips, trigger, a relatively new safety, and bolt latch release. This gun may be mounted on ground mounts and most vehicles as an anti-personnel and anti-aircraft weapon. The gun is equipped with leaf-type rear sight, flash suppressor and a spare barrel assembly. Associated components are the M63 antiaircraft mount and the M3 tripod mount.
Required: headspace an timing verification before firing.
Background: Numerous manufacturers originally produced the M2 Heavy Machine Gun.
The replacement for the M2, the M2A1, of which the Army is the PICA, no longer requires headspace an timing.