E0989 – M240B Medium Machine Gun

The M240B, is the standard US Marine Corps medium machine gun. The Marine Corps replaced the M60E3 with the M240G and subsequently replaced by the M240B. The ground version of the M240 allows for a common medium machine gun throughout the Marine Corps. The M240B Machine Gun is the ground version of the original M240/M240E1, 7.62mm medium class weapon designed as a coaxial/pintle mounted machine gun for tanks and light armored vehicles. The rate of fire may be controlled by three different regulator settings. The M240G is modified for ground use by the installation of an "infantry modification kit," comprised of a flash suppressor, front sight, carrying handle for the barrel, a buttstock, infantry length pistol grip, bipod, and rear sight assembly.

The M240B is equipped with an integrated optical rail feed cover and a handguard with heat shield to provide thermal protection to the operator.
Manufacturer: Fabrique Nationale Manufacturing, Inc.
Length: 47.5 inches (120.65 centimeters)
Weight: 24.2 pounds (10.99 kilograms)
Bore diameter: 7.62mm (.308 inches)
Maximum effective range: 1.1 miles (1.8 kilometers) on tripod mount
Maximum range: 2.31 miles (3.725 kilometers)
Rates of fire:

  • Cyclic: 650-950 rounds per minute
  • Rapid: 200 rounds per minute
  • Sustained: 100 rounds per minute

Unit Replacement Cost: $6,600