The Special Operations Forces Laser Marker (SOFLAM)System, consists of an AN/PEQ-1A Laser Marker System (LMS), AN/PVS-13 Night Vision Sight, Instro Precision Limited (IPL) Tripod, Battery Harness System (BHS), and Shipping Container System (SCS). The AN/PEQ-1A provides both rangefinder function capable of measuring range from 200 meters to 9,995 meters, and a target marking function capable of operating at all tri-service Band I and Band II Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) codes. AN/PVS-13 Night Vision Sight is a passive sight with an Image Intensifier Assemble sensitive to the output of 1.064nm of the LMS and is equipped with a weaver type mount for use during day or night operations. The IPL tripod is a lightweight, viscous-damped head tripod that will allow for stable laser spot tracking for the system. The SOFLAM System is a compact, lightweight, portable laser target designator and rangefinder. It will provide Reconnaissance Marines day/night capability to locate and designate high priority targets for delivery of precision guided munitions by artillery and deep strike aircraft.