The NFM is a portable module that rapidly determines and displays grid north and true north.

Features: The North Finding Module is a single unit of equipment that provides the azimuth for alignment of the Modular Universal Laser Equipment. It provides the MULE with the ability to locate the azimuth of true north, magnetic north, and/or grid north to an aiming point. When used in conjunction with the Laser Designator/Rangefinder Module, the NFM can enhance self-location. The North Finding Module consists of 5 electronic circuit cards and a gyroscope. It requires its mounting surfaces to be machined and the equipment to which it is attached to be level to ensure accuracy.

Background: Procurement of the North Finding Module was accomplished under a Marine Corps unilateral program. Procured initially to provide a +/-2 mil north direction reference for use on the Modular Universal Laser Equipment, its application for use on other weapons systems has expanded, to include the HAWK Missile Air Defense System. Presently, Marine Corps Systems Command Amphibious Warfare Technology Directorate is perusing an improvement to the NFM for application on an autonomous mortar system.