The battery command periscope M65 is a tripod mounted periscopic binocular instrument which consists of left and right telescope assemblies joined at the top by a hinge mechanism. This instrument is used for forward observation and for the measurement of angles of sight and azimuth for artillery fire.

Main Body Assembly: The main body assembly consists of a worm and gear type elevating mechanism, an angle of sight mechanism which consists of a worm actuated level vial and an interpupillary mechanism. The periscope is used in conjunction with periscope mount M48 for measurement of angles in azimuth. Mount M48 is equipped with a spindle type locating pin which is received by the locating bushing of the periscope. An azimuth worm, with micrometer is used to rotate the periscope through horizontal angles. The angle is indicated in hundreds of mils on the body of the mount and in mils on the azimuth micrometer. An uncalibrated worm is used for orienting the periscope.

Tripod M10 and M17: If the periscope and mount M48 are used with tripod M10, adapter M14 must be used between the mount and tripod. No adapter is necessary for use with Tripod M17. A wrench is supplied for seating the legs of tripod M10 in the ground.

Optical System: The optical system of the periscope is a binocular target observation system consisting of prisms, lenses, a reticle, and filters. The right telescope contains a reticle calibrated in mils for measuring angles in elevation and azimuth. One of the two lamps of the instrument light M28 shines through a red filter in an opening in the right housing of the telescope and provides edge illumination for the reticle. The other lamp, on a flexible cable, is used as a hand light to read the instrument scales and micrometers. Each telescope assembly secured to the angle of site mechanism is provided with filters, an amber, red, or neutral filter or a clear window may be moved into position between the objective lens and eyepiece of either telescope by means of filter knobs located on the front of the telescope.

Equipment Issued with the Battery Command Periscope M65:

a. Tripod M17 has three telescoping legs which can be adjusted and clamped at the desired height. The legs are pivoted on a tripod type head through hinges.

b. Periscope mount M48 supports periscope M65 and contains a circular level vial for leveling the instrument, an azimuth scale and micrometer for measuring azimuths and an orienting knob for positioning the instrument on the tripod M17 to orient the azimuth scales.

c. Instrument light M28 is a self contained lighting device used for illuminating the telescope's reticle and for general illumination of the periscope M65. A flashlight type dry cell battery (which is installed in the light's battery case when used) furnishes current to electric lamps through two flexible cords. These cords carry current to a lamp bracket assembly and the other to a hand light assembly. The power to these lamps is controlled by an "on" and "off" toggle switch. A thumb nut and clamp assembly secures the instrument light M28 to the right telescope assembly and the hand light is secured to a clip on the battery case.

d. Packing chest M39A1 and carrying case M45 for the periscope M65 is used for storing the instrument and associated equipment.

Optical Characteristics

  • Magnification: 10 power
  • Field of View: 6 degrees
  • Dia. of exit pupil: 0.177 inch
  • Aperture of objective: 1.77 inches
  • Azimuth: 0 to 6,400 mils
  • Angle of sight: -300 to +300 mils
  • Elevation (reticle graduation): 0 to +/- mils
  • Interpupillary distance: 60 to 70mm
  • Diopter graduation: 0 to +/-

Weights and Dimensions:

  • Overall size of instrument: 18.5 x 7 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 20 pounds