E1205 M32 Lightweight Handheld Mortar Ballistics Computer (LHMBC) Ruggedized Personal Digital Assistant (RPDA) 5500

This item is currently being replaced by the Lightweight Handheld Mortar Ballistic Computer RPDA 57, manufactured by General Dynamics.  TAMCN and ID listed in the table below.  The US Army is the Primary Inventory Control Agency (PICA) and replaced the previous model in 2009.

Previous Model:

MBC will automate technical Mortar fire direction and replace the M16 and M19 plotting boards as the primary means of computing 60mm and 81mm mortar firing data. The end state MBC system will consist of a ruggedized handheld device utilizing the latest Windows based operating system to host the Mortar Ballistic Kernel software. This stand-alone system will be fielded to 60mm mortar sections at the infantry company level, and 81mm mortars at the infantry battalion. Approximately 623 units will be acquired, plus spares.

The LHMBC is a small, lightweight, portable, battery powered data entry terminal and computer used for automated computation, digital communication, and display of mortar-related information. It sends and receives digital information within the Tactical Fire Direction System (TACFIRE), communicating with the Digital Message Device (DMD) through standard Marine Corps communications radios or field wire.  Coined "Merlin".

Possibly previously intended/reported as TAMCN: F2023

Previous Model: LHMBC RPDA 5500 - TAMCN: E1205 - ID 11042A