E1762 – Mossberg Model 590 shotgun

The Mossberg Model 590 shotgun is a militarized version of the popular game shotgun known as the Model 500. The Model 590 features reinforced areas such as in the receiver parts and other mechanical systems. An additional heat shield for the barrel is also provided. The militarized variant also features a larger ammunition capacity. Like most other combat shotguns based on hunting shotguns, the Mossberg Model 590 can be called on to be a reliable and robust weapon under the most adverse environmental conditions and is a choice close-quarters weapon.

Manufacturer: O.S. Mossberg & Sons, Incorporated - USA
Country of Origin: United States
Operation: Pump-Action
Caliber: 12-Gauge
Service Year: 1975


Overall Length: Not Available
Weight (Empty): Not Available
Weight (Loaded): Not Available


Rate of Fire, Cyclic: Not Available
Magazine: 7 - 9-Round Tubular Magazine
Maximum Range: Not Available


Model 500 - Civilian-style game hunting shotgun.
Model 590 - Militarized combat shotgun with reinforced parts.
Model 590DA - Double-Action variant featuring pistol grip